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Sacred Pathways

Find out how you best connect with God by taking this quiz

S.H.A.P.E & APEST Giftings

Discover your Spiritual gifts, Heart passions, Abilities, Personalities, and Experiences and tap into the supernatural gifts that God has given you

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**Scroll to Page 7 if you are looking for APEST information

Bible Study Resources

Engage the Word

This great resource can help you and your ministry find new ways to engage deeper in scripture on a regular basis


YouVersion Bible App

You can use this app on your phone to read the Bible, study, or follow a reading plan. It will even read the text to you. It is a great resource. 


Easy English Bible Commentaries

Helpful to get a clear, simple understanding--Sometimes you have to do a little looking around on this site, but you can find some simple, good help. 


Interlinear Bible

This can be a good way to look at ad understand how the words were actually written in the original languages.


Bible Study Tools

A good study help. 


Blue Letter Bible

This is a great study resource. It takes some getting used to but there are many accessible resources here. 

Member Resources

Click here to view our password protected Member Resource Page.

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