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New Growth

By the leading of the Holy Spirit, River of Life is headed in a new direction. Or to phrase it another way, we are taking concrete steps to walking in greater obedience with how God has been guiding our church for the last few years and likely much longer. This makes for an exciting and difficult time as long-held practices shift and change and new ones emerge. It is a time to mourn what is lost and celebrate and press into the future and the possibilities of what God will do!

This document is the best quick look at the changes that we are making and the direction of River of Life going forward. 

If this intrigues you or you have questions then please contact the leadership team at

The best way to stay informed and connected to what is going on is by the methods below. 

ROL Congregational Life Calendar

Slack channel - There is communication happening throughout the week as people share what is inspiring them, swap stories, video, and more on various topics.

You can access Slack via this link

Learn how to do it if you haven't used it before.

You can access a training video right here

ROL Update: Stay informed about what is coming up at River of Life by getting the ROL Update that is sent out every week (generally on Wednesday). You can also - email if you want to have something you did or learned sent out to the congregation.

You can add yourself to the ROL Update here. 

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