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Discovery Groups

Discovery Groups are at the heart of what we seek to do here at River of Life.

Discovery Groups are:

  • Groups of individuals walking together and applying scripture to their lives in order to experience the life of Christ for spiritual growth that impacts others

  • Made up of 2-6 people

For more information please send and email to


The Fellowship Team works to create inviting spaces for us to connect with one another and with God. We do this by sponsoring one event each month.

Contact Sandy Gearin for more information.

Children & Youth


Children are a valued part of River of Life. During out Sunday services, children worship with their parents and then get lessons tailored to their age. We have nursery for birth through age two and KidsTime for preschoolers and first through third graders. Our 10-12 year old class meets every other week. For more information about our nursery and other programs for kids, contact Brenda Griffith (nursery) or Maria Brooks (Kids Time).


We care about young people. We want to see them grow in faith and in ministry. We want to help them navigate their way through the changing challenges that they face. We want to help them grapple with the truth and claims of Christ in practical and meaningful ways. We seek to give them real-life tools for living relevant and radical lives for Jesus. We support the junior and senior high school young people of our church with discipleship groups. Additionally, we organize events and outings that incorporate students from multiple churches from time to time. For more information contact Bria Ballhausen.

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